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Danke für Grüße...

Im Artikel über litR fehlt Verweise zu litauischen juristischen Artikeln und Quellen. Hoffentlich wird es noch mehr einige Juristen geben.

Teisynas 18:11, 10. Mär 2006 (CET)


United Kingdom in German

Dear Hughes-Jehan, my First Knight,

please help me with the format

The four jurisdictions forming the United Kingdom
England | Nordirland | Schottland | Wales
for the four British "Länder" England, Wales, Schottland, Nordirland - like in English and French.

Thank you very much Arachne

Flags of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in German

Dear Hughes-Jehan,

I can't see any flags on the German site. Please help me again.

Yours Arachne

Vorlage:Suchen (ca)

My First Knight Hughes-Jehan,

please help me once more... look at Canada - Vorlage:Suchen and Australia and New Sealand Vorlage:Entwurf and Vorlage:Suchen - both twice.

Yours Arachne

Vorlage:Entwurf (ps) and Vorlage:Suchen (ps)

My highly respected First Knight,

please help me again with the both "Vorlagen" in German for Palestine.

Yours Arachne

We need your help!

Dear Mr. Vibert,

could you please help Wilhelmina and the people of Netherland? There are no Sjabloon:Zoeken (de) and Sjabloon:Beg (de). In German there ist no Vorlage:Suchen (nl).

It would be very nice, if you and your Jurispedia-friends could help us...some times.

Yours very faithful Gabriele

Thanks for invitation

Dear Hughes-Jehan,,

thanks for your kind invitation on my discussion site, but I don't think that contributing here makes much sense, neither for the project nor for me. The tendency on the german part of Jurispedia is a very conservative view concerning ruling law and history of law. In my understanding, law couldn't only be interpreted with the law itself. I don't know how this is be seen in other countries, but for me law has to develop constantly and even human rights have to be interpreted and adjusted along the changing conditions of modern times. One problem in the discussion concerning german law is the fiction of german jurists, that law is producing truth. This fiction leeds to the fact, that no jurist of the fascist period was prosecuted in germany. Since this has never been critically reviewed in a larger scale, the whole german jurisprudence is questionable. On the other hand the fiction of producing truth leeds to a structural problem with modern law, because there is no real control in the separation of powers. The jurisprudence is excluded from the balance of checks and controls the other powers (executive and legislative) are subordinated to. And last not least, since I am not a jurist, I will not start to change independently the contributions of other members on the main sites of Jurispedia, but I expect, that my exception made on the discussion sites leads to anything, what is not happening.

best wishes



Dear Spiderman,

yes, we love your erasions!

Yours Arachne, Bavaria, Eugénie, Olympias, Libra, Wilhelmina, Isabell, Robert, Aurélie Giraudoux and Gabriele

Hongkong date

o.k., I have understood the game. There is a discrimination of the German law sides. In German and English languages there is the year 2009 instead of 2011. Please change it! We don't want to be discriminated by Roman lawyers. Yours Bavaria

It's done, Danke schöne!
Hughes-Jehan | 14:46, 11. Jan. 2011 (CET)

Amazing Spiderman,

yes, you have created a bigger matrix. I grant this ...

42 joints are inside your "jointed doll". I have thought out only nine ... as a creating woman.

Arachne, July, 14th 2012